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About us...hmmmmm, about us...Well, I think the most important thing you, dear customer, should know is that we like to have fun! We really like YOU to have fun too! We are a mother/daughter team (usually fun--but sometimes a little crazy!) who came from teaching backgrounds. We decided to take a sudden and unexpected detour into the mountainous terrain (peaks and valleys everywhere) of RETAIL and we have never looked back. We chose the Heavenly Outhouse--actually it seems  more like the Heavenly Outhouse chose us-- because it was an established, positive part of the community. We also liked the ceiling-- we really, really liked the ceiling. Look up when you come in-- you'll see what we mean...

We both came from Calgary and fell in love with Cochrane. I (mother) even moved out here and feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful community as a business owner and a resident. I have four children, one kitty and a very, very stubborn bulldog. My name is Karrie Peace, which is funny because for years I prayed for PEACE and then God sent me a man named David prayer was answered in the most wonderful way (and I learned that sometimes God takes us very literally).

Natasha (daughter) is the administrator of the business. Although she only looks 16, she is not, and has much wisdom and skill for her over 30 years. She loves her cat, her chihuahua and all of her brothers (3!), and her mom, of course. Together Natasha and I are creating a business that is first and foremost responsive to YOU, our customer. We love the connections we have made with regular customers and we love the response we get when someone new wanders in and discovers all the treasures in our shop for the first time.

The Heavenly Outhouse has been in business for twenty years-- we have big plans for this little shop and look forward to many more years of fun. The legal name of our company is One Wild, Precious Life Inc. operating as Heavenly Outhouse. You get the Heavenly Outhouse part for sure, but can I explain the first part? It comes from a poem by Mary Oliver (a lovely, lovely poet) who asks this question: "what is it you plan to do with your one wild, precious life?" I've always known my answer to that question, often much to the chagrin of my parents, and my answer is this: I plan to live my life true to the tuggings of my heart and follow my dreams where ever they take me, even if I sometimes appear foolish. My husband suggested I might become tired of repeating this legal name over and over in the course of setting up the business, but true to my heart I slapped an "Inc" on the end of One Wild, Precious Life and never once have I regretted it. Every time I say those words I am reminded why I am here, exactly where I am in my life--because I want to be!

Come in and say hi (and don't forget to look up at that gorgeous ceiling) and tell us what it is you plan to do with your one wild, precious life.

Be free, be happy, be unique,

Karrie and Natasha

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